Making Meetings Meaningful

People plan group and team meetings on a continual basis. Some are routine, weekly meetings. Others are large group events that happen once or twice a year, inviting other parts of the organization to participate. In either case, when people get together, it’s important to be able to make productive use of the time.

Our experience shows that this takes a lot of planning and effort. Designing sessions that make maximum use of the group’s capacity for listening, decision making, or creating strategizing can make a real difference in organizational results. We collaborate with key members of the group to ensure that time spent is well spent.

In addition, our facilitation stresses getting and keeping everyone involved. We focus on achieving high energy and innovation. Our knowledge of group dynamics and group process delivers sessions that are value-added and deal with real issues the group is facing. We handle major change efforts, better team functioning, strategic planning or interdepartmental functioning to help people get better focus and reach better decision.

We can make your next important meeting or organizational event one that is memorable and useful.

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