Effective Strategic Planning

Too many times, we’ve heard clients in organizations of all shapes and sizes remark with dissatisfaction about unfulfilled visions, good ideas fallen to the wayside, decisions and plans never followed through. These comments reinforce for us the importance of a strategic planning process that focuses on execution and review as well as issue and strategy formulation. Our methodology is based on over 35 years of our hands-on experience and research in helping organizations understand, plan and execute the activities that take them to the next level.

Our process helps you to:

    • Examine your business model (value propositions, customer segments, channels and relationships, key resources, activities and partnerships, and revenue streams and cost structure) to understand how you create, deliver and capture value
    • Articulate who you are (Values), what you do (Mission) and where you want to go in the next 3 to 5 years (Vision),
    • Formulate and respond to the opportunities and challenges that are fundamental to your business.
    • Develop SMART goals, plans and tactics to bring those responses to life in a sustainable, lasting way.
    • Execute, Execute, Execute.
    • Actively collect data and assess effort to assure that you are moving at the right pace toward your desired future.